Welcome to Dust to Dust

You are at the El Rey motel in beautiful warm Galveston, Texas enjoying some great off season rates on this Halloween weekend. The motel has even sponsored a costume party by the pool for the kids. There is going to be hotdogs, hamburgers, and candy, What could go wrong?

Still getting ready you hear the screams of joy outside your door and muse to yourself sounds like the party is really going good. Then the screams change, the hair on the back of your neck raises as fear strikes you. The kind of fear that you heard a friend describe once after being nearly eaten alive by a great white when he was surfing off the coast of California; a primordial fear. Thinking quickly you grab your glock from the overnight bag on the bed. Tucking it into the back of your waistband, you steel yourself just like you did back in Iraq and head outside.

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Dust to Dust

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