Character Construction

Concept: Characters are above average ordinary people. The campaign begins with everyone on vacation, business trip, or whatever at the El Rey Motel in Galveston, TX. It is here they get their first glimpse behind the veil. Soon after they are contacted by MHI (Monster Hunters International) and invited to become part of humanity’s struggle to survive against a vast and as before unknown supernatural threat to its existence.


Point Limits: Maximum starting points: 150

  • Disadvantage Limit: 50
  • Quirk Limit: 5
  • Perk Limit: 5
  • Starting Wealth: $20,000

No more than $4,000 may be spent on any one item unless it is a vehicle or residence. For special requests, see equipment below.
The maximum wealth level is Very Wealthy (30) however, with that wealth comes unwanted attention in the form of social status.
The maximum status level is 2; anything more could make your character unplayable (remember your character is above average not exceptional).

Post training: After attending MHI’s training academy players will get an additional 50 points to spend on various lenses and/or templates that will represent various specialties learned during the training program.

Character Construction

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